At Data Access Agility, we believe that database is a vital component of any software system. We also believe that writing code for database manipulation is tedious, redundant, and error-prone. Our mission is to help software engineers focus on what matters most in software development.

We achieve our mission by providing software engineers with a state-of-the-art solution that auto generates data access code. Similar tools to manipulate data, such as ORMs, have already existed for decades, but our solution has unique features that make data manipulation much more effective and efficient.

Data Access Agility was founded by Jawad Damir, and it was made available to the public in 2018. Jawad Damir has worked for high prestigious companies like Yahoo! Inc and Verizon Data Services. Throughout his career, Jawad had always had the same challenge: writing code for database manipulation. He thought that writing this part of code is time-consuming and contributes not so much to user experience. Consequently, He started to think about a solution that makes data access programming standardized, easy, and fast. After spending too much effort on research and experiments, Jawad Damir came up with a perfect solution for the common data manipulation issues. He decided to name the proposed solution Data Access Agility because he thinks that using this solution will make data manipulation quicker and easier.